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  • Prince Harry a ginger dweeb hehehe

    But does anyone have an opinion on him/what he’s doing?

    Personally, having watched that interview, I initially felt that this was someone deeply troubled which had likely lead to some serious paranoia, which was completely understandable, given what happened to his mother. I felt for him, it was very sad.

    However, he just became more and more of an insufferable shit as the interview progressed. Like ffs Ginge, give it a rest now. There’s no need to start trashing your family like that (unless it’s Prince Andrew perhaps, who wasn’t mentioned) and everything he said about his brother just sounded like the more minor fights I had with my own older brother.

    I wasn’t certain, but I am becoming more and more convinced that the Harry you see now is a product of Meghan’s influence. The way he talks about “unconscious bias” sounds like something a nauseatingly woke American actress would say, rather than a British royal, for example. I feel their worlds and life experiences are too different, though both are enormously privileged, despite their claims to victimhood. I think there’s jealousy there, towards William and Kate. Harry and William’s issues can probably simply be put down to sibling rivalry, particularly given the unusual position they’re in - when one of them will be King one day and the other is a wet ginger nob. Meghan however seems to have really taken issue with Kate over very minor stuff. Again, likely out of jealousy, since Kate will one day be Queen and Meghan will just be the wife of the carrot-topped runt of the royal family, bitching about how unfair everything is and calling it racist without any evidence to suggest this is the case, meanwhile seemingly unmoved by the fact Harry boasts about killing 25 ethnic people, who he somehow knows were “all Taliban”. Gross. Meghan herself seems like someone who would be hard work.

    It seems I am not alone. For once, I hold a popular opinion! Of course there will always be those who blindly support one side or the other anyway, but I think the general public view on this couple is correct.

    This won’t destroy the monarchy. That was never in question. However, it’s probably done damage to some once close-knit family relationships. Just not at a level of any importance, seeing as Harry won’t ever actually be King.

    Tell me what you think. Or don’t.

    i got to see snow before everyone else everyone else that i knew i got to see snow first

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    I was hoping this was about Harry Webb


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      Originally posted by Cloud View Post
      I was hoping this was about Harry Webb
      That strange chap might be a lot of things, but at least he wasn’t ginger.
      i got to see snow before everyone else everyone else that i knew i got to see snow first


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        I understand that people have problems no matter what their up-bringing and backgrounds are, but from what I see, which is only his online life ( i have no idea what he is like as a real person), Harry just comes over as a complete privileged dick head, in the real world I expect he would always be a complete knob. Don't get me wrong as I am not a huge fan of the Royal Family but Harry is just a pawn for his toxic wife.

        With the fighting between brothers what we need to thankful for is that 'In Fighting Royal Siblings' now does not result in wars where the likes of us get killed because these twats fall out with each other.

        As far as his book describing killing 25 people, who the fuck of an editor didn't say, "well that could be worded better ??" H
        Harry is a complete toss pot under the spell of a complete cunt.
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          I agree Nik. I am a royalist who had a lot of sympathy towards Prince Harry, due to the vermin who hounded his mother to death. I always liked Harry, he is pretty much the exact same age as me and he always seemed to have a down to earth ‘cheeky’ side to him.

          Meghan I never had anything against and I totally respected their decision to remove themselves from Royal
          Life and move abroad a few years ago.

          However they didn’t do that, all either of them have done since is talk to the press about what a bunch of shits the Royal Family are. As you say Nik, when we were younger a ‘scuffle’ was how me and my sister said good morning to each other.

          Privacy on your own terms is fine, sitting down with Opera and ITV and Netflix and a publisher about what victims (of what we don’t really know) you are is not fine.


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            Lol remember when they were “cleaning up the streets” for Harry and Meghan’s wedding? As in they were removing some homeless people from the areas that would be on tv, so the world didn’t get a bad impression of us if there were hobos there lol that was so jokes lmao

            Other than that, I never had anything against Meghan..til the Oprah interview. But I disliked how the pair of them came off there and didn’t feel it was entirely orchestrated by her or anything. If they’d have disappeared around that time, I think that would’ve been the end of it. But they’ve just been a bit relentless ever since. Trying to stay relevant by causing a stir, since the scandal sells the papers. The same ones they’re supposed to hate.

            Harry probably does hate them, since his mother died in horrible circumstances, for which they are at least partially responsible for. Meghan? Probably hates the negative stories. Cos who wouldn’t? But it seems they’re forgetting that Kate got upskirted and photographed topless on a private beach without either knowledge or consent. Has that ever happened to Meghan? Nope. Yet the victimhood is stronger. And certainly louder.

            Also I think she mostly lost her shit with the royals when she was told she couldn’t keep posting on social media like American actresses do. Flaunting your wealth on Instagram would kinda piss people off, if you were supposed to be a royal. You’ll survive without constantly showing off, Meg. Or maybe this is the wrong family for American actresses (who tend to like to show off) to marry into. Never keen on the celebrity/world leaders crossover. Like when the bloke off the American Apprentice became President wtfffff

            i got to see snow before everyone else everyone else that i knew i got to see snow first


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              Oh and I watched all the interviews and here are my thoughts:

              When Harry seemed to imply that he felt the world was watching him and waiting for him to (and enjoying it when) he messed up. I was sad for him, thinking “noooo you’ve got it all wrooooong!” Cos I don’t think anyone really held any real ill-will to Diana’s son did they? She was the Queen of Hearts after all. A real candle in the wind. On a green English hill. But seriously, apart from when he wore the Nazi uniform, I don’t think anyone found his behaviour too outrageous. Just a little bit unroyal? Margaret was the same I believe? That great-aunt of his that he trashed for giving him a biro for Christmas, apparently. Bit harsh Ginge, I assume this was when she was losing her marbles a bit.

              When Harry said his mother would be disappointed in William - or in a cleverly worded way that he could no doubt claim he never said later - that was a bit mean. Don’t weaponise your dead mother like that, Ginger Bollocks. Also it’s disrespectful to the People Princess. What would her footsteps say about this? But yeah, that was rude.

              Whoever Michael Strahan is…brilliant. As a fellow lisper (I control it better) I lost my shit laughing when he was all like “Printheth Diana altho had her suthpithionth” that was great. I want him doing all the interviews with everybody ever.

              Harry showed, when asked, which necklace William had ripped during their INSANE bare knuckle fight - which was just William doing the right thing and pushing the nearest ginger twat over. But Harry’s whining like a bitch about this necklace, which he shows everyone has his babies heartbeats attached to. Firstly, hahaha what a loser. Second - wasn’t this supposed to have happened before the kids were born? Why did he have their heartbeats at this stage? That’s all kinds of messed up. I’m just sorry the dog bowl got smashed when he went down like a sack of carrots.

              When he boasted how he had phased out any trace of black that might’ve continued from Meghan being mixed race, by using the power of ginger. Now his kids are ginger and…white. Wow Harry, way to be progressive. Also way to get them wedgied at school. Even if you homeschool’s gonna happen sometime.

              I found the interviews were quite samey, though eventually the Colbert interview descended into Harry repeatedly referencing his nob. Like he wouldn’t stop. He just kept trying to steer the conversation back to his penis. This made me feel sick cos all I could think about was them inevitable fuzzy ginger pubes. And possibly freckles on it. But even before that, I cringed at how he was speaking, like going on about how he’s a “hugger” now. It sounded like a damn THREAT hahaha. And then he kept going back to stories about his dick and it was weird.

              Also he’s balding a lot, which is fine cos it gets rid of the problem (as long as he also loses the beard, like William apparently advised him to - cos IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO when you’re sprouting that level of orange from your entire face and head). But he was also sneering at his brother’s baldness, whilst his own bonce was clearly shining through the copper.

              That’s about it for now, although I will say I think he now talks like he’s in a cult. American therapy is kinda..bizarre. Especially if you’ve not grown up in their culture. But I don’t think it’s that. I think it’s Meghan who has a problem. With several staff members that she’d like to be “held accountable” for her hurt feelings when she was told no sometimes. Or said something a bit insensitive, probably without thinking. She would like to see people thrown out of a job during the current crisis? But also with Kate. I wonder if it’s a coincidence that this book, and their announcement a couple of years ago, were seemingly both on/around her birthday? Haha nah, probably not. But still. Meghan seems mad at Kate and maybe mad for Harry, at William, for being born first. It would probably be hard to look at how the in laws kids have Prince and Princess titles, meanwhile hers have ginger hair. The injustice is too much.

              That’s about it ok I’m going now bye

              i got to see snow before everyone else everyone else that i knew i got to see snow first


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                He's an odd little feller isn't he? I found his attempt at comedy on Colbert rather presumptuous, he seems oddly inhuman in his attempts to try and appear human - like he's just recycling other chat-show performances he's seen on youtube. Part of that cult like behaviour you were mentioning Nikki, a deadly combination of Hollywood, Celebrity therapy and being unlucky enough to be born a Millennial.


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                  I'm sorry, but I lol'd when he was on about spraying his mum's perfume about and feeling her presence. Like she would appear in the mist and be all like "I'm very disappointed in William". I felt bad for laughing til I saw that extract where he talks about how he caught his freckled willy in his zip or whatever. And he was calling it his "todger" again, like "Take THAT Father! I said a naughty word!"

                  But even worse he describes the cream as being the same brand of cream that Lady Di used on her lips. That he smelled the cream and remembered his mother using it on her lips, before putting it on his peen. Not even joking. It's very very strange.
                  i got to see snow before everyone else everyone else that i knew i got to see snow first


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                    It sounds like fan-fic.