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  • Jack

    A random forum memory just popped in my head.
    There was a random member posting abuse called “Jack” (can’t remember who it was - possibly Danny - whatever happened to him?!?).

    anyway, I seem to remember Seb telling us to stop mentioning him or something? Simulant37 posted this video and got into an argument with mod Bluey about it.

    id love to continue this thread, but I have no other memories of Jack

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    No idea. I’ve not heard of him before but allegedly he used to be on here


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      I don't think I can remember any 'Jack' person, Ant.


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        This was around the time I returned to the forum after years of absence. I think it might explain why people were so suspicious of me at first. Apart from simulant37 who knew full well I wasn’t Danny/Reznor etc but just wanted to be a nasty old pervert.

        ”Jack” had a Calvin and Hobbes profile pic. Everyone believed it to be Danny. Jed and simulant37 were fuming. Danny claimed it was Reznor and did the whole filming his hands thing. The same thing he did a few years later.

        This makes me think it was probably him. Seb was likely afraid it was Reznor, since he seemed so genuinely frightened of the guy, hence why he banned the name from even being mentioned (which was stupid and I told him so). But I think even he changed his mind on Jack being Reznor when it came to light that Danny had left a review on one of the Birdemic sequels that Jed worked on accusing Jed of being an antisemite, which lead to him being banned once again. Though it wasn’t the last we saw of him.

        Dunno what he’s up to these days. If he genuinely converted to Judaism, which is a two year process for those not born of a Jewish mother, then I hope it brought him some peace and most importantly, some perspective. But if he just hacked off his own foreskin like he talked about and hasn’t actually done the work needed to convert then I hope he’s been sectioned.


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          And ultimately if he tried anything he’d have a criminal record